Tuesday 17th October 2017,
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About me

Hi there!

My name is Sky. I’m a 25 years old computer-science engineer that spends his free time hacking video games (in most cases, to translate them). I hope you enjoy my blog!


  • http://multiversetees.com/ Nikola Tesla

    If you guys need help with the videos, i would love to help you. Video converting/hardsub etc.. I have the Japanese UMD and ripped them on my PSP & Vita.

  • Gokudo Zerotsuken

    Hi, i think you have not really time but i know a project for us french (yes i am) request so much. But unfortunately they have problem with the rom (some crash after compile & can’t edit vids)
    I might think they have just a little help, may be when you have time, you can check something about it ?
    The game is The World Ends With You on DS and them forum http://myth-project.fr/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=76 You can contact Lyan53
    If you have problem for contact, you can ask me (hope my register on Disq will be usefull about this)
    Anyway thanks about Type-0 project, you’re totaly right “Though this possible the best title in the entire PSP catalog”

    • SquareEnix

      Je suis francais lol, Je connais pas (The World Ends with You) et je n’ai pas de NDS :/ Je suis plus interesse au projet FF Type-0.

      • Gokudo Zerotsuken

        Emulateur :) quoi que le gameplay ça va pas être de la tarte a la souris ^^ je l’ai déjà fini, mais bon voilà, c’est comme 3rd birthday j’ai trouvé récemment sa trad fr, je l’ai fini mais je vais me le refaire