Friday 15th December 2017,
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About me

Hi there!

My name is Sky. I’m a 25 years old computer-science engineer that spends his free time hacking video games (in most cases, to translate them). I hope you enjoy my blog!


  • Nikola Tesla

    If you guys need help with the videos, i would love to help you. Video converting/hardsub etc.. I have the Japanese UMD and ripped them on my PSP & Vita.

  • Gokudo Zerotsuken

    Hi, i think you have not really time but i know a project for us french (yes i am) request so much. But unfortunately they have problem with the rom (some crash after compile & can’t edit vids)
    I might think they have just a little help, may be when you have time, you can check something about it ?
    The game is The World Ends With You on DS and them forum You can contact Lyan53
    If you have problem for contact, you can ask me (hope my register on Disq will be usefull about this)
    Anyway thanks about Type-0 project, you’re totaly right “Though this possible the best title in the entire PSP catalog”

    • SquareEnix

      Je suis francais lol, Je connais pas (The World Ends with You) et je n’ai pas de NDS :/ Je suis plus interesse au projet FF Type-0.

      • Gokudo Zerotsuken

        Emulateur :) quoi que le gameplay ça va pas être de la tarte a la souris ^^ je l’ai déjà fini, mais bon voilà, c’est comme 3rd birthday j’ai trouvé récemment sa trad fr, je l’ai fini mais je vais me le refaire