Friday 15th December 2017,
Sky's RomHacking Nest

Dissidia Duodecim Mods

This is a collection of high quality mods for Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy that I started working on when my old Dissidia Modding Suite went offline. They are always distributed as custom DLC’s, so there is no need to hack the ISO, or replace any other (official) DLC in order to use them. The only requirement is a Custom Firmware with the nploader plug-in.

You can find both Character Outfits (usually custom models for new characters) and BGM Pack’s.

Character Outfits:

~Zack Fair (Cloud DLC 2)

~Serge (Bartz DLC 2)

~Caius Ballad (Jecht DLC 1)

~Rikku (Prishe DLC 1)

~Aerith Gainsborough (Terra DLC 2)

~Valkyrie Lightning (Lightning DLC 2)

~Riddle (Yuna DLC 2)

~Rush Sykes (Cloud DLC 3)

BGM Pack’s

~Chrono Cross BGM selection

Configured to serve as Final Fantasy V tracks

Chrono Cross – Brink of Death
Chrono Cross – Dragon God
Chrono Cross – Gale
Chrono Cross – Magical Dreamers
Chrono Cross – Imprisoned by Fate
Chrono Cross – Scars of Time
Chrono Cross – Garden of Gods

~Crisis Core BGM selection

Configured to serve as Final Fantasy VII tracks

Crisis Core – Controlling the Iron Beast
Crisis Core – Flowers Blooming in the Church (Remake)
Crisis Core – Sky-Blue Eyes
Crisis Core – The Price of Freedom
Crisis Core – Dreams and Pride

~Final Fantasy X-2 BGM selection

Configured to serve as Final Fantasy X tracks

FFX-2 – Demise
FFX-2 – Memory of Lightwaves
FFX-2 – YuRiPa Battle 1
FFX-2 – YuRiPa Battle 2
FFX-2 – YuRiPa Battle 3

~Final Fantasy XIII-2 BGM selection

Configured to serve as Final Fantasy XIII tracks

FFXIII-2 – Giant Impact
FFXIII-2 – Last Hunter
FFXIII-2 – Paradigm Shift
FFXIII-2 – Paradox
FFXIII-2 – The Ruler of Time and Space
FFXIII-2 – Heart Of Chaos
FFXIII-2 – Invisible Depths
FFXIII-2 – Clash On The Big Bridge

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  • Zyphr

    Hoping that Lynx makes an appearance! ^_^

    • SkyBladeCloud

      There is already a Lynx mod for Kain, made by 2playerwins (the same guy who helped me with all the mods posted here) ^^.

      • Antonio Zagabria

        Hi Skyblade cloud, i can’t succeed to download the lynx model. Can you help us posting a direct link? Thanks.
        PS: I’m assuming that the lynx mod is already released.

  • Chefao

    I love your zack mod but please please please get the buster sword as the stater weapon but keep the clothes

  • Blue

    I was doing some searches for similar stuff, and I came across other mods which you may have worked on? Like characters from KH, like Aqua and Sora, and FFIX’s Beatrix?

    • Zyphr

      Sky isn’t the only person to mod Duodecim. There are hundreds of customs skins, made by lots of different people. All of Sky’s mods are on this site.

      • Blue

        That makes sense. It’s just that some of the links I found, went to some foreign pages, and the only thing I could read off them were the names of the characters and skybladecloud.

        I think what may have happened is that they were giving credit to Sky for his character model ripping tool?

    • SkyBladeCloud

      My work was creating the tools that allows this kind of mods, so any 3D artist could create their own Dissidia mods. In fact I collaborated in some other mods that are not posted here, but yeah, I’m mostly credited for such tools.

  • jct31294

    I’ve been attempting to get the Rikku DLC to work but for some reason I’m having trouble.
    I have 6.60 PRO-C2 on my psp GO
    I’ve got nploader enabled and pointing to my DLC folder.
    I have a folder in my DLC folder titled ULUS10566
    And inside that folder I extracted the files inside the Rikku DLC folder.
    Now when I boot the game and go to customization, there is no DLC 1 for Prishe to change to.
    Am I missing something?
    Thanks for any help.

    • Zyphr

      What’s the directory?

      • jct31294

        The directory I placed the Rikku files in is ef0:/DLC/ULUS10566

        • RandQalan

          Works perfectly fine for me if you use NoDRM
          Have it ULUS10566 folder in game folder and have
          Prishe unlocked chose dlc1

        • Zyphr

          They should be going in ef0:PSPGAMEULUS10566

          • RandQalan

            If nploader is set up correctly and NoDRM is not on and they have Prishe unlocked it should work their

            Just wondering why nploader instead of NoDRM they work about the same already built into PRO

          • jct31294

            I moved the folder to GAME. Disabled nploader and enabled the PRO nodrm. And it works perfect! Appreciate all the help guys!

            I tried nploader because throughout my searching for instructions, it was the only thing that popped up

  • Cat

    Hello can you re upload your aqua skin for dissidia 012? 😮

  • jason

    do you have BGM of final fantasy VIII “maybe i´m a lion” and more tracks of FF advent children

  • Jason

    How do I add a costume as a different DLC number? i.e. DLC 4. I want to use the XIII-2 Lightning and the Aqua costumes concurrently, and I’ve seen places where it says I should be able to use up to 10, but trying to install both requires me to overwrite files.