Friday 15th December 2017,
Sky's RomHacking Nest

Kingdom Hearts RE: Chain Of Memories (PS2) – Undub Patch

When I finished the Spanish translation of this game, I promised everyone I´d do the undub too. The other day I finally got bored enough to actually code a program for doing it (yeah, inserting all audio files one by one is way too complicated xD). As I haven´t tested it, I´m releasing the undub patch “AS IS”, however, if you find any English-dubbed scene, please tell me and I´ll be happy to fix the patch 😉

I decided to leave all battle quotes in English, they are only a few but so epic that it doesn’t worth undubbing it (“Burn Baby!” ^_^)

Donwload Kingdom Hearts RE: COM  Undub Patch (225.05 MB)


After decompressing the download, you´ll find two files: an .exe and a .ppf. Open the executable and select your KH RE: COM ISO in the ISO field, and the ppf in the other one. Then hit “Apply”. Don’t worry if it takes a long time, the patch file is above 250 MB and can take around 10 minutes to be fully applied. You´ll get a confirmation message when it´s finished. Then you can burn the ISO to play in a real PS2, or open it with the emulator to play in a PC. Have fun!