Friday 15th December 2017,
Sky's RomHacking Nest

Sky’s RomHacking Nest Revamped! (And Type-0 Update)

Sky’s RomHacking Nest Revamped! (And Type-0 Update)

This is something I’ve always wanted to do. When I first created my blog, more than 3 years ago, my original idea was to have a nice, self-hosted page, but due to problems with some web hosting services, I dropped the idea and ended up using the free WordPress solution.

I actually like how it works, but I’ve never been too comfortable with all the limitations it has regarding page customization. So today, I introduce my readers the RomHacking Nest, just the way I’ve always wanted it to be.

It’s been a lot of work rebuilding all the pages and posts I’ve written over the past years, but it feels so good knowing that I finally own them all. The new URL is, you may update your bookmarks but for the time being, the original URL should redirect to this one.

I’ve also changed many aspects of the original blog, now that I can. For example, comments now use the Disqus system, which offers some advantages over the traditional WordPress comments. Also, advertising will hopefully take care of server cost. I’ll be messing around with the page a little more in the next few days, so bare with me while I make some changes (I’m always trying to make it better ^_^”). Of course, if you have any suggestion, feel free to post it!

But wait, I couldn’t miss this opportunity to talk about the Type-0 translation project. I know we missed the last weekly report, but don’t worry, everything’s fine and we keep making progress.

As of now, the main scenario of the game is 95% done, making it playable in English almost completely (and in fact, I confess I’ve been enjoying it a little :P). Once it’s complete, I’ll create a test build, so the team can beta-test the translation, making sure everything is alright, before releasing the actual patch.

A soon as I have more information about when it’ll come out, I’ll let you know. Stay tuned for more updates!


About The Author

Hi there! My name is Sky. I'm a 26 years old computer-science engineer that spends his free time hacking video games (in most cases, to translate them). I hope you enjoy my blog! Regards!

  • Zerox

    I’m so glad that the blog is back, I kept checking daily for the weekly update! I’m super excited to try this! I’ve wanted the game since it was first announced and I clunked through the demo in japanese. Now we finally can play in english thanks to you guys!

    Thank you!!!

  • Saraneth

    I’m looking forward to the complete patch. I hope that before you post the final release you get a couple of grammar nazis to go over everything and fix any typos/grammar mistakes that are there. A lot of patches have these mistakes even after all of the work people put into them, which doesn’t make much sense since you can get practically anyone to point them out for you.

  • Jann Del Corro

    almost had a heart attack when the website went down, spent hours trying to look for your email and twitter lol

    glad to know you’re back and keep it up!!! u have our full support! and best regards to the team

    • Sarah Login

      Seriously? A quick google search gave me both, took all of 5 seconds to type in “Sky Rom Hacking”.

  • Roku Toto

    Can’t …. wait …. any …. longer ……. !!!

    Must … play…. good …. FF …. game (since 13 1/2/3 are a fuc*in abominations to the franchise)

  • andrew

    Yeahhhh buddy! Keep up the good work Sky and team

  • CyPi

    Just imported the game from Japan for this!! Hope we hear about a release date soon :) Already dumped my ISO and merged the files too.

  • steven

    btw the translation post on gamefaqs vanished

  • AS1

    weekly report PLS! :)

  • Steven Johnson

    Very groovy. Thanks for all your hard work.

  • Valkyr

    thank for your hard work sky and the team! <3

    gracias por su gran trabajo gente! saludos~

  • lula

    excelent work guys
    A question:
    what is your favorite final fantasy?

    For me FF7 is the best forever. They can do 40 final fantasy but FF7 rules

  • Steven Rogers


  • Brandon williams

    just checked back here after i posted a few days back i believe and we have gone from 90 to 95 percent done sky you and your team are gods among men and women keep up the good work gentlemen and i am awaiting the day when i can finally play this beautiful gem of a game in english.

    • steven

      i think there more like 99% now lol they are just testing now and finishing up so yay

  • Damian Cieślik

    I work on Monster Hunter Portable 3rd English Patch, but this is HUGE project 😀 I can’t wait to play this game 😀

  • Cachie

    Hey Sky and your buddies, Thank you for all your hard work!.Until now I’m still waiting for the patch to be released. I hope you guys finish it as soon as possible!.

  • Mimmo Schwarz Lo Nardo

    Can we read the project’s update please?

  • Zander B

    dang im waiting for this. this game is awesome.

  • Tenabrus

    damn I’m getting excited now, can’t wait, all these years of waiting will finally pay off!