Friday 15th December 2017,
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Type-0 beta testing stage

Type-0 beta testing stage

After more than a year of hard work programming, translating and editing, the Final Fantasy Type-0 English translation project has finally entered beta testing stage. This means that, while the game should be 100% playable in English, we are going to go through it several times correcting all possible mistakes to be found. Even after extracting all its resources, it’s pretty difficult to translate a game just from them, and with no context. This is why this beta testing stage is a must, to make sure everything in the game goes together.

Regarding the progress itself, you’ll notice that some images and videos are left. This is because there are some graphics that only appear in the second playthrough, and “videos” only refer to place names and time stamps that show up in a few videos: those require actual video edition to be translated. We still plan to make this a full translation, so those are resources we will edit too, they are just not needed to test the game, so we can test it while we finish the last bits of the translation phase. A for video subtitles, they are all already in English.

Now that we can finally test the results of our own project, I have to say this is one of the best Final Fantasy games I’ve played in a while, and I’m sure this is a project all fans will enjoy. We are doing our best to finish it soon, keeping a quality that matches any official localization.

Last, but not least, I’d like to give thanks to the PPSSPP development team for adding support for ISO’s bigger than 2GB, enabling our beta patches to fully work on the emulator. Also to the wonderful team behind this project and of course to you, all Final Fantasy fans and project supporters. Hopefully I’ll have a release date in the next blog post 😉


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Hi there! My name is Sky. I'm a 26 years old computer-science engineer that spends his free time hacking video games (in most cases, to translate them). I hope you enjoy my blog! Regards!

  • Allan

    Yeah!! Take your time to bring the best for us all o/

  • RandQalan

    Good luck and have fun Sky and team 😀

  • dboyz

    faith in gaming community is restored!!!! (but not in gaming industry =/)

  • Gideon

    This makes me so happy, thank you very much!

  • Eyay Rossi

    keep it up good work

  • Lavitz

    I can’t wait! Thanks to the team for doing this!

  • Óscar92player

    Me da igual que esté en inglés. He deseado jugar este FF desde hace MUCHO tiempo y esta será la oportunidad de poder disfrutarlo sin tener que sufrir demasiado la barrera del idioma. ¡Gran trabajo, Sky! ¡Este es uno de los mejores junto con el FF IV Complete Collection!

  • ed

    what the.!!!! This is a big news! thanks sky and your team cant wait to play it on my phone through ppsspp

  • Heiyu

    ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ raise your dongers ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

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  • Sainthlink

    Sky y todo el equipo gracias, gracias gracias gracias, no puedo siquiera poner en palabras la cantidad de felicidad que me da ver todo el esfuerzo que ponen y toda la seriedad que tienen. Respeto y honores para ustedes chicos, la verdad que se pasan de buenos, por muuucho ^^

  • coudXren

    hope this translation will on next week or on the next next week 😀 too excited to play it :) keep it up team sky!!! your the best 😀 :) XD

  • José Sales

    OMG The greatest news in my day!

  • sonus

    My first comment :)
    As soon as it is released I might take a week off school to enjoy it as it deserves.
    Thanks ,waiting for it since my birthday (27.10)

  • Anton

    Thank you very much for this, you’ve proven that it’s the community that keeps a game alive, so you can suck it you greedy corporate bastards at SE.

  • Pablo Sanchez


  • りんか

    you’re the best. thanks so much for your hard work! but just a wonder, will my save data from japanese game work with this english patch?

    • Andrew Nguyen

      Yes, since it’ll be based off the original Japanese region to begin with.

  • Mirby


  • Xtrooper

    Praise the Sun!…or rather the Sky!

    • Andrew Nguyen

      Fall down 7 times, stand up 8. Saying of the Chosen Undead!

      • Xtrooper

        DARK SOUL!!!! LOL

        • Valkyr

          Sun bro!

          • Xtrooper

            Lol yesss!!!1 Haha can’t wait for DarkSoul2

  • Steven Johnson

    It’s should work fine on 6.60 PRO-C right?

    • madmatt

      yup! I’m on the same firmware :)

      • Steven Johnson

        Thanks for clarifying ^_^

  • Konnor

    Can’t wait to play this on PPSSPP!! AWESOME SKY!!

  • surakian

    You guys are absolutely fantastic. Can’t wait to play! You guys have done a great deed for the Final Fantasy community.

  • Cedric Mendoza

    Let’s cheer for sky ! :) hoping it gets released this weekend =D

  • Kenichi Go Uang

    You guys are modern heroes and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I’m sure everyone else here feels the same as well. Keep at it guys. Your pace is our pace. Waiting is child’s play compared to all that you’ve done for us fans. 😀

  • PP

    Thank a lot : Just Do IT

  • Mark Christian Contemplacion


    • madmatt

      Deuce Deuce Deuce Deuce Deuce Deuce Deuce xD

      • Mark Christian Contemplacion

        SEVEN SEVEN SEVEN SEVEN SEVEN SEVEN!!! (Dat Ivy Weapon Reference >.<)

  • Ryuji

    Everyone, Thanks for yours hard work 😀

  • SolidSnake13

    Yesterday I was having a really crappy day and I was like, “for the love of god please let there be an update.” Thanks guys, for all the hard work you’ve put into this project; I’ve lost track of how long I’ve been following it.

    • CyPi

      Was it the FOXdie?

      • SolidSnake13

        Nah, just the feels at the end of MGS4

        • CyPi

          Still haven’t finished that. Currently playing through it now

  • 千夏 橋介

    Are save files from the original Japanese game usable in the translation?

    • Andrew Nguyen

      Since we’re working with the original Japanese-region UMD, it should work.

      • RandQalan

        I heard their some sort of bug with the original umd ID when translated if so

        Will the save id be changed as well?

        Quote from GuitaristMatt

        So, because the game has text embodied in the save files of the game, a lot of things in menus become glitched kanji and such.

        prevent this, the game ID is being changed so that people are forced to
        start a new game. If this really bothers people, I’m sure there is a
        save file editor that will change your save game ID.

    • Finn.Of.0oo

      To my understanding… you either use a program like Hex Workshop, or some homebrew software to change the GID of the save. I wish I could be of more help.. but, I’m still trying to figure this one out myself.

  • Zack

    Yeah,can’t wait ’till the release,good job guys! (Works on 6.60 PRO-B10?)

    • RandQalan

      It should the umd size fix was before that version of PRO

    • Finn.Of.0oo

      I had problems with B10… I moved on to PRO-C and it works like a dream. Better than with the actual UMDs.

  • Sevyne

    As someone who had my doubts that this would reach completion, consider me humbled by your diligence. I’ve seen many fan translation projects fall through the cracks midway through, but y’all stuck it out and even consistently picked up pace. I gotta respect that, and I am truly thankful for people like you fellas doing such a great service for the gaming community.

  • Ǝdward Setsuna

    Squarenix really should recruit people like you… ^ ^

    • RandQalan

      I agree with you but not until they release the patch do not want them taking it with them then having to buy the game again 😀

  • RaitoDemonSakura

    Do you guys know if the DLC will affect the translation patch?

  • Joshua Estrella

    Just Great, since you started the project of translating the game I’ve been on the lookout for the process that you had and all the news, and it’s amazing what you did, something that previously never had managed to translate a game 100% only with the help of fans is a proud achievement, really congratulations.
    It’s been more than a year working on this project and it seems that finally is paying off. I will continue being on the lookout for all you do guys.
    Saludos desde Mexico y sin mas que decir les digo hasta pronto. 😀

  • Firman Ramadhan

    thanks for the hard work sky, i was wondering, the patch works in a merged ISO, can it works on the separated one too(disc 1&disc 2)?

    • Andrew Nguyen

      Translation project was done with the merged ISO in mind, so, sorry, gotta merge them.

      • Firman Ramadhan

        is there link/tutorial on how to merge the ISO?

        • Zyphr

          It’s on the blog under Projects(English), and includes the files and instructions.

          • Firman Ramadhan

            thx for the instruction

  • Ron Martires

    People shouldn’t worry about their savedata not working on translated game. There IS a PSP homebrew app that allows you to change the GAMEID… it should work just fine if u know how to use it

  • Antonio Ciccarelli

    Just before everyone pops out asking if it works or not on different cfw. It will work on EVERY custom firmware. There’s no main difference between the one or the other. The ISO loader used by them are the same on every CFW. Great job, Sky. Your team is making us play a game we wanted to for almost 3 years. I kinda miss our chats on msn ahahahah Wish you the best, hasta luego, tiooooooooooooooooo!

    • Zyphr

      Actually, it will not work fully on all CFW. The final merged ISO is over 2GB, so without a CFW that has the Inferno driver, most of the cutscenes are missing.

      • Finn.Of.0oo

        Even on Pro-B it wont work on most Phat models.. Pro-C + Inferno and a little overclock has it working perfectly for me. I’ve had this game for a year, and merged — it runs even better than the UMD’s with the optional data install. No framerate drops or slowdown at all!

  • JN


  • Neal Cullum

    Can’t believe this game has been translated, it’s amazing! Time to wipe the dust off my psp :-)

  • Kaël Gentile

    Thanks you so much for your work Sky, and of course every one who helped this amazing project ! Better than Square Enix, the fan community ! Next month, with my paycheck, be sure i’ll give you the price of the game for your job ! What’s next ? Square Enix ass-kicking for FF XV release ? :p Thanks you again, from France, Kaël 😉

  • Nico

  • Tristan Diaz

    Thank you so much for your efforts! I can’t wait for the patch to be released!

  • Charlie

    First of all cheers! It’s not easy to just translate a game on free time, and second where do I subscribe to get an update about it being released? Do I have to check every week=? xD

  • jordan

    hey does anyone know how long this phase takes the fact that its so close to being released is killing me haha

    • Zyphr

      No, Nobody knows. There are too many variables to narrow it down. You never know what bugs will need fixed, how many times they will have to do complete playthroughs of the game, and how much free time they have to actually do all of this. My guess is another 1-3 months.

      • Cedric Mendoza

        Ouch 1-3 months :(

        • Zyphr

          It’s free, so I say roll with it.

      • jordan

        haha fair enough thank you for the response i thought it would get lost in the comments

  • Steven Rogers

    OMG. Can’t wait to import the UMD and play this on the PPSSPP. Will need instructions that’s for sure lol

  • Dollmaster

    Sky, an off-topic question: I saw one discussion about undubbing Dirge of Cerberus last year. And there, you spoke about the process, but you didn’t make clear if it’s possible to do that. Did anyone of your friends make progress on that?

  • Heiyu

    u can’t be serious

  • Andrew Nguyen

    Where are your sources…? I was just talking to Sky like a couple of days ago..

  • RandQalan

    Without Source or confirmation From sky Why would we believe you

    this was just posted 3 days ago now if this was a couple weeks ago without update from sky then I might start to check around myself but really

  • RandQalan

    Thanks sky 😀

    I know you took care of the A hole ;0

  • Zackasaur

    This is incredibly exciting. I love you guys!

    Square Enix, if you finally release the damned game, I promise to pre-order it… I’ll even pre-order a collector’s edition if you’ll release one.

  • ace

    What is a Hero? Batman, Son Goku? No neither both of them
    A Hero is someone who carries anothers dreams and tries to make it come true.
    Soldiers saving the kids for the mothers.
    But YOU my friend are not the soldier. You are the kid who is saving his mother when there is no
    Thanks Sky, keep going!

    • Anton

      Gotta say, that was quite deep

      • Mark Christian Contemplacion

        So deep i can see adele rolling in it

  • Bobby Jennings

    I’m excited and happy for you guys! I can’t wait to be able to play this. Thanks for everything Sky and take your time!

  • Jordan Daku

    so is this game going to be over 2 gigs?

    • RandQalan

      Yes it is
      maybe some time in the future after initial release may and I say may have single ISO release but this patch is basses around the merged ISOs

  • Movers

    Hey Sky, did you know Grand Knights History?

    • Mark Christian Contemplacion

      This Game Rocks…….(if it was in english -_-)

      • georgex106

        what?? but i played in english years ago and stop playing when i found out that most of the gameplay its a prelude of the main online game :(

        • RandQalan

          No finished version in English was ever release
          I say yet ;0

  • Doom HQ

    how can I get in on a beta, woldu love to play this.

    • Zyphr

      Beta testing is being done by Sky and only 1 or 2 others of his team. He won’t be releasing it to others outside of his team until it is polished and bug-free. The enthusiasm is appreciated, though!

  • Jesse Marquez

    you’re my hero, man!

  • Pedro Vasconcelos

    YES! I hope everything goes well, I’ve been trying to play this game for ages but I know almost nothing of japanese. You guys are great!

  • Ginanjar Agung

    Can’t wait for the release! I’m so damn happy to know that it’ll be done soon Sky! But still, I can’t give u (and the whole team of course) anything but thanks. Only thanks from the bottom of my heart.
    Hope you can translate god eater 2 too, haha xD

  • Tenabrus

    So we get two awesome portable final fantasy games this year, the X/X-2 HD remasters on the Vita AND the unofficial English patch for Type-0 on PSP. SWEET!

    • Masa

      Yup great year, also don’t forget there is 2 more awesome more rpgs being translated along with this, Last Ranker and Sol Trigger for the psp.

      • RandQalan

        How about all the Kingdom Hearts this year as well SE going to make big bucks for fans that is for sure 😆

        • Zyphr

          And, most importantly, Final Fantasy XV!

          • Masa

            that’s probably next year for us….2014 for Japan though most probably.

          • Zyphr

            True that. Well, hopefully I’ll have KH3 to hold me over, although, I’m still holding out hope for a FF15 holiday launch.

          • Masa
          • RandQalan

            Looks like a major debate old school and new school 😀
            The comments go either hate or love 😆
            I have to agree with they need to go back to basics
            and I also love the action on some newer
            So my conclusion SE needs to make
            another words separate the series somehow with the same FF logo

            I am bad lol like they will FFF works best (Final Fantasy Free)
            and FF of course old school ATB or turn pick one :)

          • Zyphr

            SE has talked about the old battle system many times, and how they strive to depart from it, so they won’t be going back to it, anytime soon. I’m a fan of both. Of course, 7-10 are my favorites of the series, but 13 didn’t disappoint me as much as it did other fans, especially 13-2, which I actually fell in love with. I’m starting to like the fact that the newer games each have their own battle system, it takes the repetition out of it, and keeps each new entry fresh. But, if you’re waiting for the old battle system to come back, you’ll be disappointed. It’s just not a system that works in this era of next-gen gaming(which is why most every classic turn-based rpg we see now is on handheld) People want realistic battles to go with their realistic graphics, and a turn based system destroys that realism. Final Fantasy 15 looks like it’s going to nail it, though. ^_^

          • CyPi

            I’m curios to see how Persona 5 is going to look on the PS3. Do you think they are going to stick with turn based battles?

          • Zyphr

            Persona is an exception. Persona 5 was the main reason I said “most’ every classic turn-based rpg we see now is on handheld”. Plus, the persona games have never had top notch graphics, but a great art style and good animation. I mean, conversation boxes with speaker portraits are still used for communication and story-telling.
            Persona’s battle system is great, though. It also reinvents the normal convention of RPG turn-based combat in a way that would only work for it. Then again, you can say that for almost all of the SMT games through the years. (SMT: Devil Survivor especially comes to mind, although it’s on handheld)

    • Eric Fehr

      add bravely default onto that list for 3ds.

      • Zetayuri

        Just got it this morning. So far it’s the best JRPG released in years.

    • Andrew Nguyen

      If anyone cares, Dark Souls II coming out.

  • Chico the Pinoy Patcher


  • Yvonne Tsang

    Super stoked about this. Thank you for your hard work, and — fingers crossed — hope you don’t run into too many difficulties!

  • Jonanon Shants


    Words can not express how thankful I am for all your hardwork guys

  • Rhuan Moreira

    Hey, Sky Team.
    Man, before say anything, I just want to praise God to make you, guys. I’m a brazilian guy, and I also had a friend that, like me, just LOVE Final Fantasy. And we always wanted to play Type 0, of course. And everytime I see you, guys, working hard on it…
    You are really the heroes of Ivalice. The Four Warriors of Light. The Four Orphans (oh wait) that will bring the light to our world. So, really, THANK YOU FOR EVERY THING.

  • mamalia

    take your time sky, patiently waiting to using my dusty psp again :)

  • Droweinia

    Dude can you make 2 umd pls . Because my psps memory is just 2 gb.Pls

    • Zyphr

      Sky has said, that after the patch is released, there is a `possibilty` that he will work on a patch for the separate UMDs. If he does, it will take a lot of time, so be prepared for another wait. But, that’s a big if, as I’m sure he will want to move on to new projects.

    • CyPi

      You could always just get a new memory card. That would be much, much easier than the team splitting up the UMDs.

      • Emmeris

        Yup, CyPi is right, besides in most game stores you can find up to 4GB ones and they’ve gotten cheaper too since the Vita came out. (you can also get ones that are up to 32GB from electronic stores, look for the sony memory stick pro duo).

  • Sae-Won Yoon

    2 years ago, I told myself that this wouldn’t be completed, negative as it may have sounded back then, I was glad at least someone was taking on the challenge.

    Now I can’t believe it’s finally almost done. Skyblade, like anyone else here, I couldn’t BE anymore greatful for how much you’ve done. I’ve known people would’ve done half for money.

    Again, like anyone else here; Thank you. I look forward to *finally* playing this masterpiece.

    (pity, i wish I could give SE as much praise if they hadn’t…well, lied to us.)

  • William Murphy

    Hey, great work so far and thanks for taking your time to do this! I’ve been following the development of this translation for the past 6 months or so, and am glad to hear it’s finally in beta! Suggestion however, you may want to just go ahead and release the patch when it’s done without giving us a due date, as I’ve seen many a squeenix fan project get stuck with a C&D right before they release. Once the patch is out on the internet, it can be distributed freely via other means even if they were to ask you to remove the file from your site and you were to comply. I know there isn’t anything illegal with what you’re doing, but square enix does have a lot of legal heft that they like to toss around. Either way, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you guys, and look forward to playing it myself!

  • Onslaught

    Thankssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, the best in translation of FF.

  • brian santiano

    Hell yeah. Waiting for this for a long, finally sky is truly a final fantasy hero.

  • chrissomerry

    I salute you in my mind, good sir! I wish I could grow up to be like you- wait, too late :-/

    But anyway, even though I’ve only been following for a month, I’ve been waiting to see this game with my own eyes since it was first announced, so this is great news to hear! All the best with the remainder of the project, mate, and thanks for the hard work! (when I do my own computer science, hopefully I can pick up translating myself)

  • Ninjastyle

    Is it going to be possible to play this on a 2GB memory stick and switch the discs by deleting the first part and replacing with the second? I am aware that there are various plug-ins that do the disc swapping but I haven’t tried them myself.

    • RandQalan

      This has been asked a lot now read the post the first release is the merged and it over 2G so no

      Maybe in the it will be later fixed for single ISO usage

      • Sarah Login

        Hes given ISO size, but hasn’t mentioned what the ISO can be compressed as in CSO format. It may be possible that it compresses below 2GBs.

        • RandQalan

          Maybe but most CFW is really 1.8G not 2 and CSO without the translation is right on the boarder so no promises:)

        • Zyphr

          The merged ISO compressed to CSO, while being slower and having some glitches, IS under 2GB. However, Sky has said that after the patch, with the new edited videos, the size of even the CSO might hop right back over that 2GB limit.

          • Sarah Login

            Hopefully for those with smaller sticks it remains under 2. Honestly though you can get up to 32gbs for cheap these days so there really isnt a reason for sticking with small sticks.

      • ninjastyle

        So a 4GB stick is going to be enough right? I want to be prepared before the release.

        • RandQalan

          I will do fine if that size it is 2.5 most should be is 2.8 with trans and I think I will be way over with that testament 😉

  • Fede

    My god, I love you guys. Thank you so much for all this hard work!! <3

  • Karlo Marty

    ETA of the patch? Can’t wait to play the game :)

  • Taiki

    Keep It together sky! can’t wait for all of your efforts to payoff. :) warm regards to your team!

  • Maxumym

    Thank you based Sky. You are a credit to the humanity.

  • BGMaxie

    After adding Lightning Returns, FF6 Android, and possibly Bravery Default along THIS beauty, will make my life so blessed I will forget wrong exists in the world ‘-‘

  • Erikas

    where to get beta game for testing?

    • RandQalan

      Closed Beta only trans team and game hacker is working on it

  • Monty Crabapples

    Is there an ETA as i keep commming here everyday and id like just to know if its going to be a month or so or what…thnx keep up the gd wrk

    • Zyphr


    • georgex106

      Hey Monty Crabapples, first I know that you want the release date really fast (trust me, all FF fans want to play this game) but you HAVE to understand that these guys are working so much for this project since last year and more important for Free! so the least you can do is not ask this question like that ’cause that sound like an order to know the release date and other thing, maybe that was not your intention but it really sounded like that, thanks.

      • Monty Crabapples

        No no i just was interested in knowing if this was going to take like a couple of months or whatever so as to have an idea thats all not Issuing ORDERS just wanted some Estimate as in “Might be finished in a month or might be finieshed in 6 months i just wanted to see if there was any update or any way of knowing ….shoot me for being Overly excited for wanting this game in english sooooo bad …ofcourse i know hes doing a gd job

        • Zyphr

          They don’t have an estimate. From the mouths of the team, it’ll be done when it is done.