About Final Fantasy Type-0… *UPDATE 2*

One interesting project I’ve been suggested a lot of time is the translation of the popular game “Final Fantasy Type-0”. There are quite a lot of fans asking for an official localization, but it’s been more than a year since the game was released in Japan, with no official word about an overseas release.

So last month I decided to post an article at GBATemp talking about the game’s data structure, and the possibility of a fan-translation. As I don’t speak Japanese, it would have been pretty much impossible for me alone to translate the entire game, but during this time, some skilled Japanese translators and image editors have joined me, making the whole project possible.

However, this kind of projects takes a lot of time so, in order to make everything easier, I merged both Final Fantasy Type-0 Discs into a single one.

In case you wanna have the whole game in a single ISO image file, follow the directions in its project page. I hope I can bring news on the actual translation soon. In the meantime, have fun!

UPDATE – The merging files have been updated so it’s no longer necessary to use any cheat (or CWCheat at all) in order to access the entire game. Now the whole game has been perfectly integrated in one single ISO! 😉

UPDATE 2 – I’ve updated the files once again; this time using untouched full quality videos. Note that the Merged ISO now requires the “Inferno UMD Driver” to work alright, so try updating your PSP to the latest PRO CFW if something does not work 😉