Alright, we need some help translating Type-0… *UPDATE*

So TGS 2013 is over and yet again, an important video game event ends with no news about the official localization of Type-0. This time we were actually expecting big news, especially after the interview UsGamer had with director Hajime Tabata; but nothing important happened…

This obviously means that our translation project continues! However, we’ve been facing some problems lately, and I’d like to ask fans for some help. This kind of projects always need fan support, and with your help, it can finish very soon.

It’s not all glitter and rainbows when carrying out a translation project of this kind, and our team has always been small, to ensure the quality of the product. This was enough some months ago: we were making good progress daily and I really thought the translation would be ready for Christmas. However, we all have a life and unfortunately, we have no active translators since some weeks ago, and so the translation progress has stalled.

That’s why we need more people, fluent in both Japanese and English, to help to translate the game’s text. Just so you guys can have an idea of how much text it has, here is the file containing the main scenario of the game:

Final Fantasy Type-0 Main Scenario

Just translating this file would give us a full English experience of Type-0. Part of it is already translated, but as I said, we currently have no active people working on it; and I’m confident it can be finished pretty soon if enough capable translators offer their help.

Those interested in helping can contact me on Skype (My id is “SkyBladeCloud”), and I’ll be glad to explain the details. My realistic expectation is to recruit enough people to be able to end the project before summer of 2014. But this will ultimately be up to you, fans.


UPDATE – Many thanks to all the people who offered us help in times of inactivity. I’m happy to say that we have found some new translators and we are regaining the work on the project little by little. However, I’m still willing to add one or two more translators to the project, as it will help to finish it sooner 😉