Apprising Google Chrome 23

Google follows other major web browsers and includes Chrome 23 supporting the do-not-track privacy system. This is a feature that was initially introduced by Mozilla and applauded by the FTC. However, Google’s Do not track service is slightly hidden as it is put up in the advanced settings. The new version also features video decoding that is also GPU accelerated. It has simpler website privacy settings that are featured in the address bar.

With its continual developments and features, Chrome remains the top web browser and is preferred by many. Ground-breaking features, leading technical support and blazing speeds have contributed to Chrome’s success.

Easy and fast setup

This version of Chrome features improved speed and performance. Just click on the install button on the browser, and the browser is fast and running like never before. The installation happens in a minute with no wizards and no request to restart your system. It is also available for Linux and Mac OS X. The routing updates happen automatically in the background.

Chrome’s instant Pages

The idea behind the development of Chrome instant Pages is to make the search engine to preload the page predicting the result link you are most likely to choose. The functioning of Instant Pages needs both a website and Chrome supporting the feature. However, the drawback of this feature is if the website guesses your choice of searches wrong, loading of pages could be very slow. You will be wasting bandwidth for pages you’ve never visited at all.

In-built PDF and Flash support

Right now, Chrome is the only web browser that supports built-in Flash avoiding the annoying installation as in the case of other browsers. Yet another boon is that you do not have to perform the frequently needed updates separately. Many security issues that existed in Flash 10 are now cleared, thanks to the ability to run plug-ins in isolated sandbox to avoid access to crucial system areas.

The Interface

Minimalistic plug-ins and other options are the salient features of Chrome. Tabs are well-placed just above most options with a combination of address and search bar or the ‘Omnibox’. You can enter any or part of the page title or the address and the search bar presents you with dropdown options. The search engine has replaced Page icons with some useful functions in the wrench. Zooming options have become very simple. Yet another new theme in Chrome is that everything is made to look like a Web Page that is displayed in the browser Window.

Chrome Instant

This feature is one of the fastest things added to the new version of Chrome. Just enter a web address into the Omnibox and even before you are done, a page from the search result or history appears. Chrome can now boast a less visible and less touted method to speed up their browser.

Chrome extensions

Extensions in the new Chrome are accessible from the tools submenu present in the customization menu. It appears as a wretch on the top-right side of the program window. The new Chrome has bloated in the number of extensions list too.

The Pros

Support for HTML 5. Quick acceleration on the hardware. Outstanding security features. Quick prediction of site and loading features. Built-in Flash player and PDF reader.


Occasional site incompatibilities.


The race between web browsers is tight. But Chrome still remains ahead in terms of features, speed and new standard support.