Microsoft has terminated Microsoft Teams on Internet Explorer 11

No more Microsoft Teams Web App on Internet Explorer 11! From November 30th, Microsoft teams won’t be working on Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) anymore. Microsoft announced this earlier in August. And true to its word, the support has been dropped. This is In a move to encourage users to update their browsers to the Edge browser.

Earlier on, on August 17th, 2021, Microsoft announced the termination of support for other Microsoft 365 Applications and services on Internet Explorer 11. The move is intentional and meant to reduce the workforce on support and updates of the IE 11. Instead, Microsoft is concentrating its innovation and development on the new Edge browser.

In a statement earlier, the US Technolgy giant said, “We commit ourselves to help this transformation to be as smooth as possible.”

Microsoft has also stopped supporting the desktop App for the Microsoft Edge Legacy. This was done back on March 9th 2021, since the majority of its customers have upgraded to the new Microsoft Edge browser.

After March, Microsoft said on its blog page that the Microsoft Edge Legacy Desktop App wouldn’t get any new security updates. Since online security is a very sensitive matter, it is recommended to either update or discontinue the App’s use completely.

Microsoft warned that continued use of the App and IE 11 might expose yourself to vulnerabilities that may cause hackers to access your device.

According to a statement by Microsoft, you’ll get faster and better web access with more features in tools sets such as Outlook, Teams, and SharePoint. IE has been the default browser for most Windows-based devices since 2013. During this period, the online environment was not as sophisticated as it is now. To adapt to the new online landscape, Microsoft thought it wise to update its browser to fit.

This is the final farewell to the much-adored IE 11. Microsoft started the development of the new Edge browser two years ago after gathering reviews and insights from millions of users worldwide. Customers indicated the need for a world-class cross-platform browser that has stellar security, privacy, and is easy to manage and manoeuvre for maximum productivity. The new Edge browser offers this and more.

Microsoft Edge browser is built on the open-source engine Chromium and packs the latest capabilities from Microsoft. Millions of users have updated the home and work browser to the new Microsoft Edge since it was launched in January. New devices and updates for the future Windows features are also included in the new Microsoft Edge, right from Windows 10 Version 20H2.

Assistance to Migrate to Microsoft Edge

In the statement, Microsoft said that their in-house support team would help answer any migration questions that may arise during this transformation period. They added that the new Microsoft Edge is the most recommended and offers a variety of support options for customers using IE 11 and Microsoft 365 Apps and services. This is in a bid to ensure that the Apps and services are compatible with the Edge browser and that the clients will not lose productivity during the transition period.

To begin, Microsoft suggested that users should learn and understand how the scheduled deployment would be implemented. In order to do this, Microsoft offered a comprehensive step-by-step guide on their website on how to achieve a smooth migration to Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Unified Support Customers would reach out and help customers to migrate to the new Microsoft Edge. They added a FastTrack for customers who want advice on preparing, requesting, or adopting the new Microsoft Edge.

In the statement, Microsoft said: For customers with over 150 paid seats from Windows 10 Enterprise, FastTrack will be available for free. All they have to do is to send a request for assistance via the FastTrack website to get started with the migration.

The website has self-guided usage and set-up resources, with Microsoft Mechanics already set up on their Docs site. Microsoft understands that compatibility is critical for its customers, and therefore, they have set up all this to ensure the clients have peace of mind during the transition process. App Assure will also be used during the transition process.

App assure is meant to help to ensure there are total compatibility and support of the Web Apps and customer websites and at the same time to ensure they Apps are compatible with Google Chrome support versions.

This is a big changed according to Microsoft, and they are optimistic that the new Microsoft Edge is future-proof and is guaranteed to offer users a great browsing experience, security, and excellent user experience.


Since the pandemic hit, there has been an increase in web conferencing apps like Zoom, Microsoft teams, skype, and others. It is a very timely move for Microsoft to position its infrastructure to ensure that its customer’s data is safe and the technology use is compatible with all other browsers and devices.

It is apparent that in the coming days, and even post-pandemic times, more and more meetings and office works will be done online. All the technology giants have positioned themselves strategically to take care of the increased traffic on the use of online conferencing tools, and Microsoft has not been left behind. Thanks to their new Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Teams Web App.