Type-0 beta testing stage

After more than a year of hard work programming, translating and editing, the Final Fantasy Type-0 English translation project has finally entered the beta testing stage. This means that, while the game should be 100% playable in English, we are going to go through it several times correcting all possible mistakes to be found. Even after extracting all its resources, it’s pretty difficult to translate a game just from them, and with no context. This is why this beta testing stage is a must, to make sure everything in the game goes together.

Regarding the progress itself, you’ll notice that some images and videos are left. This is because there are some graphics that only appear in the second playthrough, and “videos” only refer to place names and time stamps that show up in a few videos: those require actual video edition to be translated. We still plan to make this a full translation, so those are resources we will edit too, they are just not needed to test the game, so we can test it while we finish the last bits of the translation phase. A for video subtitles, they are all already in English.

Now that we can finally test the results of our own project, I have to say this is one of the best Final Fantasy games I’ve played in a while, and I’m sure this is a project all fans will enjoy. We are doing our best to finish it soon, keeping a quality that matches any official localization.

Last, but not least, I’d like to give thanks to the PPSSPP development team for adding support for ISO’s bigger than 2GB, enabling our beta patches to fully work on the emulator. Also to the wonderful team behind this project and of course to you, all Final Fantasy fans and project supporters. Hopefully, I’ll have a release date in the next blog post 😉