Type-0 translation teaser *UPDATE*

Here is an interesting update for fans following the translation project:

For the past few weeks I’ve been discussing with the rest of the team a possible release date. As it turns out, even though the main story line is tested and looks pretty good, there are literally thousands of NPC’s that need to be corrected as well.

This is why the beta testing stage will take some more time than I had initially thought. However, not all are bad news, as we did reach an agreement about the release date! So I made a translation teaser to show different parts of the game, always featuring perfectly English-localized texts, and a nice, adapted interface. Of course, it also shows the day all fans will have access to the patch :).

As always, I’d like to give thanks to the wonderful Operation Doomtrain team, for making this possible,  to Total-Noob, for adapting his Vita CFW so it’s compatible with out patch, and of course, to all Final Fantasy fans.


UPDATE – I understand the fact that many people are not happy with such a late release date, however, there are many factors to take into account, that justify it:

-First, there have been some misunderstandings about the progress, probably caused by enthusiasm from both the team and the rest of the fans. We consider it was not fair to have fans waiting such a long time in vain, without knowing an approximated date to look forward to.

-Second, there are many opinions within the team itself, about the completion date, some say we can have it in the next two month, some say three months are not enough. My personal opinion is that the game is playable in English as it is right now, being enjoyable as is. It is true that many NPC’s sound off context, and that’s why the majority of the team decided to postpone the release to have a parfect patch.

-Then there are many people who think an official localization would kill all our work. That’s not true; at this point, an official localization would mostly help reach our objective, which is to bring this game to all Final Fantasy fans. In fact, the E3 would have ended by August, so maybe there are good news for everyone!

-Now, note that this all could change at any moment depending on how the team feels about the state of the patch, meaning that the release date could indeed be pushed sooner at any time. In any case, fans now know the latest date they can play the game in English. We agree that it’s better to have a late date that we can push sooner, than having a near date that could be delayed. So be sure we’ll update as soon as we have more news!