We have arrived! *UPDATE*

This is a day many of us were waiting for. Today, all fans of the popular PSP game “Final Fantasy Type-0” can finally enjoy it in English. It’s been a lot of time and hard work by a wonderful team of hackers, translators and editors. After one year and a half, the result of the project is perfectly understandable, and more importantly, enjoyable.

Even though the original release date was in August, the localisation patch has reached a state where it can be perfectly played just like any other official release.

I actually wanted to hold the release a little bit longer, since there is some aspect, such as some dates in videos, that still need to be edited. However, this is a completely unimportant matter that in no way affects gameplay or the overall experience at all. Moreover, I don’t see the point in making the entire fanbase wait even longer just for that.

So head to the project page, where you’ll find the download link for the automatic patcher, and some extra, useful information. As always, I appreciate your feedback. I hope you all have a good time playing this game that, for many, is the true Final Fantasy XIII. Thanks to all the fans, and especially, Operation Doomtrain.



UPDATE – The original release has been updated to V2.0, adding full PS3 support as well as completing and correcting the first patch.